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View images of each leg of our 2005 journey by clicking on the heading, or photo, for the associated chapter below! All the photos contained herein where taken by the crew during our adventures! Enjoy! Or view our 2002 , 2003 and 2004 adventures.

Between Honiara and Gizo, Solomon Islands

This is the land of betel nut, crocodiles, head hunters, amazing wood carvings, and the ring of fire. We have been in the Solomon Islands for almost two months now and have enjoyed them immensely. During this last month, we have not seen any other cruising boats. All the people we have met are the most sincere, friendly race of people we have ever experienced in our travels. Read More?


Louisiades, Papua New Guinea

We are now in the Lousiade archipelago of Papua New Guinea, cruising these many remote and lovely islands before 'checking in' at Misima. The people here have even less than the Solomon Islanders. Their soil is not as productive so they have less food to trade. Some earn cash by harvesting the beche de mer, a sea slug which is very popular with the Japanese and Asians. They are just as sincere and loveable, though they are some times more reserved. No canoes for the kiddies to jump into and surround us with giggles! Read More?


Up to New Britain, Papua New Guinea

Our time in Papua New Guinea has been the apogee of our voyage. We have been awed by the warmth of the villagers throughout the country and the glory of the geography - active volcanoes spewing smoke and sulfur, anchorages inside ancient volcanic craters, water so pure that the colors are indescribable. We have been here for 4 ½ months and have cruised most of the off-lying islands. Read More?


Kimbe and Walindi, Papua New Guinea

Walindi Dive Resort on New Britain Island was a welcome oasis. They have won awards for being the best dive resort in the world, and Dylan and Jim had many great dives with them. Dylan made a trip to Port Moresby. Read More?


Kavieng, New Ireland. Papua New Guinea

Kavieng, on New Ireland, we approached with trepidation, having read the widely publicized report about thieves breaking into S/V Whitehawk last year. But we had no troubles and met many delightful local people as well as many ex-pat Australians in business there, along with two South Africans running a dive operation! It is a lovely town and we were able to get provisions as well as the package - we finally received the Raytheon GPS antenna, after it was sent around the world to Guinea, West Africa by mistake. Read More?


New Hanover's Malmalang festival, Papua New Guinea

John Rice, Jim's friend from St. Thomas in the early 70's, had also mentioned a man (Bosston) and an island (Tsoi) that he had enjoyed, so we wended our way through the New Hanover Islands to find him. As luck would have it, a Cultural Festival was scheduled to take place on his 'fairgrounds', so we stayed to see it. The music, dancing and costumes were spectacular. Read More?



The Hermit and Ninigo Islands, Papua New Guinea

The Hermit Island Group has only one village, located on the main island of Luf, and it is the finest village we have visited in Papua New Guinea. The community has only 120 villagers, all Seventh Day Adventist Church members. They have two schools in the village so the children do not need to leave home to get their education.

This is the most prosperous village we have visited in our 4 1/2 months in Papua New Guinea. Read More? Whilst here Dylan also undertook a sailing adventure which will be a great campfire story for him top tell his grandchildren. Inspiration from reading of the adventures of David Lewis in these waters provided enough momentum for the ball to get rolling and soon Dylan experienced his own adventures. Read more on Sailing in the Hermits.


First encounters with Indonesia

Money changers, bargaining, tours and refueling took up our time whilst in Manokwari, our first stop in Indonesia. Rice fields, friendly people and an great tour guide called Yorris. Indonesia has been a huge cultural change for us leaving the Melanesian societies and now being faced with the Asian cultural influence. It is both interesting and exciting and we are enjoying the challenge. Read More?


Wakatobi Marine Reserve, Indonesia

We are at this moment anchored at the entrance of an atoll (all submerged, no motus) in a group of islands known as Wakatobi and also Tukangbesi, a newly designated marine reserve off the SE tip of Sulawesi. Read More?


Flores Island, Indonesia

Another special event was the whip fighting demonstration in Flores, which our tourist agent had arranged for us on a Sunday morning. It is a ritual called 'chachi' that is an offering to the ancestral spirits, not a real brawl. We also had the fortune of visiting a traditional village on the southern shores of Flores, called Sikka village. The women here still harvest kapok and weave it into fine Ikat sarongs. The day after ou village tour we took a lengthy taxi ride up to the wonder of the Kelimutu lakes, which are absolutely awe inspiring. Read More?



Rinca Island, Indonesia

We chose Rinca, which is part of the Komodo National Park, for our trek to see the Komodo dragons, as it has fewer visitors and more abundant wildlife that Komodo.The dragons can be dangerous and the guide was not too happy when Dylan tried to approach one so that he could touch his skin. The dragon has four powerful legs, each with five massive claws, and a long thick tail that can knock you down in a flash and grab a hold of you. Dylan backed off. Read More?


Sumbawa Island, Indonesia

We have had some very special days amongst the many of just traveling, maintenance, etc. One of our favorites was going to the Horse races in Bima. We also enjoyed a brief stop at the anchorage just off the village of Sangeang where the local Bugi descendants are still building 'pinisi' boats in the traditional manner. Sumbawa island has some great diving off of Moyo island in the North and some promising surf potential on the South West side too! Read More?


Lombok, Indonesia

A nice surf spot, a reminder of the seas ceaseless attempt to catch you off guard, varnish, a very comfortable bay and the wildness that constitutes the Gili islands have been the makeup of our Lombok time. The prices and easy going approach of the produce and people reflect the extent of tourisms effects here in Lombok and we are soaking it up before our arrival in the tourist capital of Indonesia, Bali. Read More?


Bali, Indonesia

We have just arrived in Bali and are enjoying it immensely. However we have had little time to photograph anything of interest, although there certainly is enough that could be considered so! We will update this page by November 1st 2005. Call in again then.


Landlubbers we call our friends.

This page consists of all the photos of our landlubber friends we have met along the way. We hope you have as much fun identifying yourself as we had in meeting you. Feel free to drop us a line when you get a chance. Team Firebird. Go to page 1 2 .


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