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Roulette is, at heart, a simple game. So trust French casino-dwellers to develop some rather more intricate ways in which ♣ to play. If you're given the chance to play a French-style roulette table, then you should, as this will probably ♣ give you access to the punter-friendly En Prison/La Partage rules. Combine these with a single zero layout (unlike double-zero American-style ♣ tables), and the house edge falls to around 1.4%. However, if you are taking a spin on a true French ♣ table, you'll find much that's, erm, foreign. And most of this will be due to the existence of bet types ♣ like Voisins du Zero, Tiers du Cylindre, and Orphelins.

Whereas most roulette tables (in land casinos) assign coloured chips to the ♣ players, so that winning bets can be easily identified, the chips on French tables differ only in the numerical amounts ♣ they have printed on them. With nothing to distinguish one player from another, it becomes important not to have too ♣ many chips on the board at the same time. The need for space partly inspired the invention of an additional ♣ grid, called the 'Racetrack'. This oval-shaped section sits to the side of the main play area. it features all of ♣ the same numbers - 0 to 36 - but within a different layout. Its point is to act as an ♣ extension to the main grid, and to encourage some of the players to switch to exotic 'French Bets'. These French ♣ bets were traditionally referred to as 'Call Bets' or 'Announced Bets', as they were too specialist to be featured on ♣ the main tables, and players had to call out when they wanted to play them.

So what exactly are these bets, ♣ and what do they consist of?

The Ins and Outs of Call Bets

If you look at the main wheel for roulette, ♣ you'll see that it can be broken down into two large slices, along with a couple of smaller segments sitting ♣ between them in the middle. Each of these sections contains a set of numbers that make up one of the ♣ following bets:

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  •     a2 bets:

    Lightning Roulette Lightning Roulette is one of the live Roulette games designed for the thrill seekers out there. The Lightning 🏀 Roulette slot machine still features the best live Roulette online features, but there are extra elements to enjoy here too. 🏀 Each time the reel spins, one to five lucky numbers are chosen and will receive multiplied payout values ranging between 🏀 50-500x. This means that if you wager on a lucky number and that number is landed, you could be in 🏀 for a hefty payout.

    French Roulette by Evolution French Roulette is a popular Roulette variant that features numbers 1-36, just like 🏀 European Roulette. The difference here is that French Roulette includes the ‘La Partage’ rule. This rule comes into play when 🏀 a player places an even-money bet and the ball lands on zero. Instead of losing all their wager, the player 🏀 will only lose half their stake. French Roulette is a great challenge for Roulette fans because of this additional rule, 🏀 plus the change in table layout, and the French terms used for aspects of the game.

    Immersive Roulette By Evolution If 🏀 you like to play live Roulette in HD then Immersive Roulette live by Evolution is a great choice. In Immersive 🏀 Roulette the emphasis is on the immersion as players can view the game from multiple angles in high-definition and at 🏀 200fps. There’s also enhanced statistic for all you data fans out there, which allows players to see the results of 🏀 the last 500 spins as well as hot and cold numbers.

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