Kelimutu, Flores Island, Indonesia

The Three Lakes. The following day the driver took us, along with Francine, up to the colored lakes of Kelimutu. It was an arduous 3 hour drive along winding roads to get there. Poor Francine got car-sick. The three lakes are set in deep, ancient crater at an altitude of 1600 m ( 5250 feet). One is a precious turquoise blue, the others brown and black. Apparently they have changed colors over the season and years, varying through blue and green to maroon and chocolate. The myth is that the souls of young people go to the warmth of the turquoise lake, old people's go to the cold brown lake, and thieves and murderers go to the black lake! There were many Indonesian tourists there that day and we had good times joining them in their festive activities: a picnic and a guitar session.